Our mission is to work towards the elimination of racial discrimination.


The creation of an inclusive Oldham in which members of all communities are afforded equal rights and freedom under the law, where all are treated with respect and dignity, and where everyone is entitled to protection against racial discrimination and harassment.


To work towards the elimination of racial discrimination, to promote race equality, and to foster a better understanding between the different communities who reside in Oldham and so make Oldham a better place to live and work.


OREP’s strategic aims, as set out in its constitution, are:

  • To work towards the elimination of racial discrimination and racial harassment;
  • To promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups;
  • To promote Race Relations legislation (current and future) with statutory and non-statutory agencies and/or organisations;
  • To empower and build the capacity of disadvantaged and socially deprived communities living in the area of benefit.

Board Members

  • Father Phil Sumner
  • Keith Pendlebury
  • Ernest Campbell
  • Bing Findlater
  • Muswar Hussain
  • Cllr Javid Iqbal
  • Cllr Jenny Harrison
  • Cllr Mark Alcock
  • Stuart Lockwood
  • Steve Titley
  • Mike Luft
  • Howard Sutcliffe
  • Shaid Mushtaq

Our Team

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