What We Do

OREP provides support to the victims of hate crime and provide consultancy and advice on community tension and relations.

Good Relations /Supporting Victims of Hate Crime

OREP at present is funded by OMBC, mainly to provide support to the victims of hate crime and provide consultancy and advice on community tension and relations. We play a key role in making sure victims receive the premium support available from partners. Our role is also to ascertain any gaps in provision and bring them to the attention of our partners. One example of our intervention was the work we carried out in Hollins, to support three BME families, subjected to racial harassment but not recorded appropriately by partners. Our intervention helped our partners understand the frustration and isolation families were feeling as victims of hate.

Child Sexual Exploitation

The Council agreed to allocate £25k grant funding to Oldham Race Equality Partnership to undertake work with young people to prevent their involvement in troublesome youth groups. The purpose of the funding is to increase understanding amongst young people involved or at risk of being involved in child sexual exploitation. The project will look at how the issue of CSE manifests leading to risk taking, increased reporting and an overall reduction in the sexual exploitation of young people in Oldham. The Grant is divided between Peshkar, KOGS and OREP.

Transitional Neighbourhoods Support Project

The aim of the project is to strengthen community relations for people in various areas. We will enhance community resilience and improve community cohesion for tenants, who are experiencing change, when moving into non-traditional areas due to housing expansion. Our areas of priority are: Alt, Busk, St Mary’s and Upper Coldhurst.

The project’s work will encourage the community to develop change and foster the belief that residents should help each other and themselves. Using a community development model, the project will engage, enable and empower residents to bring about positive developments. We will deliver community engagement, community development and community cohesion activities to the areas. In addition, the project will also encourage volunteers to join the project, provide a training programme for community champions and support the development of community associations.

Project Activities

  • Families receive information about the project, through the use of multiple sources of communication methods;
  • Community champions recruited and trained;
  • Vulnerable families engaged in wide range of activities;
  • Community engagement & development activities in each priority area;
  • Capacity building courses delivered in each priority area;
  • Residents taking part in community activities;
  • Supporting the formation of community associations;
  • Community champions resolving tensions emanating from community tension;
  • Residents volunteering and gaining employment.

For more information about the project to volunteer or become a community champion please contact:

Or you can ring OREP on 0161 624 9418.